9th African Pharmaceutical Symposium

THEME: Uniting through the 2030 agenda to achieve universal health coverage in Africa: Challenges and perspectives

Bamako – Mali

LIT: JULY 10-13
PST: JULY 18-20

Visa Information

General information about Mali Visas


The valid identity card or passport is sufficient for nationals of ECOWAS member countries, Algeria, Cameroon, Andorra, the Principality of Monaco, Chad, Gambia, Morocco, Mauritania , Tunisia. A passport with entry and stay or transit visa for all other countries.

Extensions and long-stay visas are granted by the general management of the National Police in Bamako.

To promote tourism, certain relaxations have been made to the regulations relating to travelers returning to Mali after a trip abroad or to tourists who come to stay temporarily in Mali.


In addition to used items imported by travelers, the following new items are exempt from customs duties.

These are personal clothing and linen, tobacco within the limit of 1,000 cigarettes or cigarillos or 250 cigars or 2,000 g of tobacco; matches (10 small boxes or 500 matches), other objects (2 cameras and 2 rolls of film, 1 camera and 2 rolls of film, 1 projection device, 1 cinematographic screen, 1 radio receiver, 1 record player with 25 records, 1 tape recorder, 1 portable typewriter, 1 fishing rod, 1 hunting rifle imported under cover of an import permit); food and provisions (5 cans, 2 bottles of drinks, 2 kg of sugar, 2 kg of tea.

Goods prohibited by reason of:

public security (weapons, explosives, ammunition)

health (narcotics, drugs, psychotropic substances).

More information: