TAPSA (Tanzania Pharmaceutical students’ Association) is an autonomous, non-political,
non-profit, student association committed to serve Pharmaceutical Students and general public at
large. The headquarters of TAPSA currently is in the premises of MUHAS.
TAPSA, formerly known as ADUPS (association of Dar es Salaam university pharmaceutical
students) was founded in Mid-August 1987 by MUHIMBILI University Pharmacy Students, when
Muhimbili was a collage of university of Dar es salaam. When Muhimbili became a full university
in 2007 ADUPS was changed in to TAPSA (Tanzania Pharmaceutical students’ Association) aiming
at uniting all Pharmacy students in Tanzania. Currently, TAPSA have 22 Chapters, 20 Universities
and Colleges from Tanzania mainland and 2 University from Zanzibar.
TAPSA is a full member of International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF)

To promote learning experience of Pharmaceutical nature and hence forth provide the newly qualified
Pharmacy professional with the basis of pharmaceutically oriented interactions amongst themselves,
other members of health cadre and our clients, the patients.

To promote love and respect for learning, the pursuit of truth, and to ensure that every student
understands his/her responsibility to educate himself/herself to the best of his/her capabilities and to
search knowledge for the betterment of mankind and in so doing cherish and promote academic

The official transactions of the Association shall be recorded in English. In correspondences and
discussions, English and/or Swahili will be used. Official documents shall be in English and may be
translated into other language(s) if seen necessary.

a) To seek recognition of Pharmaceutical students among fellow health Professionals, students and the
Public at large.
b) To promote, safeguard and maintain honor of Pharmaceutical education through communication
with other international Pharmaceutical students’ affiliations.
c) To foster active cooperation with other International Health Agencies, Institutions, Association and
Societies in Africa in particular, and the world in general.
d) To raise awareness to the Secondary School Students about Pharmaceutical education, its
application and Pharmacy as a profession
e) To promote social activities in general like sports and games.
f) To promote drug compliance, Rational drug use and provision of
Drug information to the society.
g) To raise awareness of Diseases like Malaria, HIV, TB, Cholera, measles etc. to the Society.
h) To establish a proper Association basis for communication between
the university/college, authorities and students as well as maintaining harmonious relations between
students and academic members of staff, the university /college administration, non- academic staff and
the community in general.
i) To promote the spirit of voluntary activities in life saving or rescue operations especially during
j) To provide scientific and up-to date health/medical information to her members, other students and
society in general.
k) To cooperate and communicate or otherwise promote relationship between TAPSA and all students/
youth organizations and any other organization which share and promote objectives common to those
l) To represent the opinions of pharmaceutical students in discussions with professional, governmental
and non- governmental organizations.
m) To assist pharmaceutical students in issues related to pharmaceutical education.

There shall be four categories of membership: Full Membership

  • Associate Membership
  • Honorary Membership.
  • Corresponding Membership.
  • Full membership
    Shall be open to Students of any cadre leading to acquisition Pharmaceutical knowledge in an
    Accredited Institution of Higher Learning in United Republic of Tanzania and the membership will be
    extended for two more years after he/she has completed degree courses in pharmacy. Such a member
    shall pay to the Association full subscription fee as may be prescribed from time to time and shall
    enjoy all the rights and privileges provided by the Association including the right to vote during the
    Association’s meetings and to be elected to the office.
  • Associate Membership
    Shall be open to those who have already qualified as such professionals.
    – Honorary Membership
    Shall be granted by the Council at its discretion, to such persons as have rendered distinguished service
    to the Association or to Pharmaceutical Education as a whole
    – Corresponding Membership
    Shall be extended to such persons having interest in furtherance of Pharmaceutical Education
    Sciences and/or wishes to support and advance the objectives of TAPSA morally and/or financially.

    Termination of Membership
    Membership shall be terminated on:
    Resignation given one month notice on writing to the chairperson of TAPSA his/her intention to do
    so and upon approval of the Council. Being expelled for going contrary to the constitution of the
    Association. A member shall be expelled on motion carried by at least two/third majority of members present at the Council. Discontinuation from studies or expelled from the University/College Death of a member
  • Privileges of a Member
    • Member shall receive privileges only upon payment of TAPSA membership fee each academic year; otherwise he/she will be considered as inactive member and so shall not receive any privileges from the association.
  • All Members shall have the following privileges upon payment of membership fee.
    • Participation in annual conference (upon payment of the respective conference fee), symposia,
      workshops and any other official event of TAPSA.
    • Shall receive all publications of TAPSA if any as the case may be.
  • Full Members only, shall obtain and inspect copies of documents of TAPSA upon request to the
    chairperson or President.
  • Full Members only shall be eligible to vote or hold office when elected or nominated. Each full
    member being entitled to one vote.
  • In case of any programs or opportunities available in TAPSA, priority Shall be given to full
    members. E. g Students Exchange Program.
  • All members of TAPSA shall uphold this constitution endeavor to educate to oneself to the best of
    one’s capability and to use one’s education for the benefit of mankind.
  • All members shall diligently perform the duties he/she happen to be assigned by the association.
  • Every member shall pay fees and annual subscriptions when due as may be prescribed from time
    to time as established under this constitution.
  • All members shall attend meetings as scheduled, carry out assignment, be an example of
    self-discipline ethical and academic responsibility, participate in all activity of the association and
    refrain from influencing TAPSA members, or her office bearer in a way which may appear to
    prejudice the association.
    Recent TAPSA activities
    . 1. World Pharmacist Day 2021
    . 2. Antimicrobial Resistance Campaign
    . 3. Breast Cancer Campaign
    . 4. Annual Scientific Conference
    . 5. Anti-substance Abuse Campaign
    . 6. World Antibiotic Awareness Week (WAAW2021)
    . 7. World Diabetes Day 2020
    . 8. Worlds AIDs Day 2021
    . 9. TAPSA membership registration
  • Fight the fakes campaign.
    TAPSA Executive leaders
    1. President – Hamisi Msagama
  • 2. Vice President – Gervas Gibuyi
  • 3. General Secretary – Balqis Jamal
  • 4. Treasurer – Agatha Nshimbe
  • 5. Publicition officer- Isack Nyaimaga
  • 6. Contact Person (CP) – Beatrice Silayo
  • 7. StudentExchange Officer (SEO) – Mbonea Mbwambo



Auson Magige

Auson Magige